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I'm a very happy customer! The pictures looked great, but they don't do this set justice. I can't believe there is a finer classic Staunton chess set out there. It is truly beautiful.

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Thanks" G. It is a magnificent set. It is rare to find items crafted so well and I will certainly recommend The House of Staunton to others. The quality and workmanship for a set in this price range is amazing. I am looking forward to my next purchase. Was struck by overall superior quality and weight. The Rosewood is quite beautiful. More than I expected. Thanks for accommodating extra queens. They are beautiful.

Chess Fundamentals - Fortgeschrittene - Lehrbuch - Bücher/​Medien - Schachversand Niggemann

Thank you for a fine product. Worth every penny. You've done something that I've always wanted to do: take an object I care about, and raise the world standard for functionality and aesthetics. Well done. It's so exquisite, I can't stop looking at it. Though the pictures on your website are beautiful, they don't do justice to actually seeing them in person. I've been looking for a red-lacquered chess set for quite sometime, and this is the most beautiful I've ever seen.

Thank you, also, for meticulously wrapping each piece. My brother is going to love his first real chess set. You are the best.

But you know that already. Keep me in the loop on how you plan to overtake all the crap plastic sets out there. You were very patient and accommodating during my selection process. Now if I could only learn how to win a game It is massive, heavy, elegant and high-class.

A true work of art. Not only is it the finest plastic chess set I've ever seen, but the biggest bargain, as well. That's a rare combination. It is awesome. I can't wait to save up enough for my House of Staunton chess board. The quality is above what I expected. I can only say that the photos on your web site do no justice to the Collector Series chess pieces.

I hand waxed them as you instructed, and they are truly exceptional. Everyone was as impressed as I was, with the beauty and quality of both my chess board and the wonderful chessmen. HOS' chess boxes are beautiful.

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Absolutely the best I have ever seen in this price range. Will definitely be ordering some more.

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Why settle for less when you can own a legendary chess set from The House of Staunton! You can throw everything out there or you can choose a few key pieces the Knights and Bishops would be a good choice for a more restrained development. Once this work is done usually in 8 to 12 moves , you are officially in the middle game. A lot of the middle game for the beginner may feel like a vast unknown, but keep in mind that a lot of this is simply perception, which is to say that both sides could feel the same way or could feel supremely confident - it's a matter of how you look at things.

1. Some Simple Mates

Since your emotional state will profoundly affect your mental state, control your confusion and focus on the consequences of each move you might make. Imagine a move and then look at three possible moves your opponent could make in return.

Chess Basics: Opening Principles

If none of them seem terrible to you, make the move. Later, increase the number of moves you imagine your opponent could make, then practice predicting. Predicting the move your opponent will most likely make is a very valuable skill, because it allows you to think about the move after that , and this is a crucial element of the game. Being able to play more and more steps in advance will mean you are strengthening your ability to control the game. It also means you are developing an understanding of the connection between personality and play.

If you think, "Oh, this guy is real arrogant. He'll make this brash move," and you are right, then you have made a quantum leap in the game.