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A highly scenic, mile non-technical out and back on packed natural surface with easy to moderate climbing, sporting expansive views of the Kaibab Plateau, Antelope Valley and the four other colorful cliffs of the Grand Staircase.

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Bring your own water and snacks. Extendable to 25 miles. Zoom in and get a close up look at the gems of the southern Utah spring sky. This is a good week for night sky viewing! Join scientist and astronomy interpreter Randy Dunning, to gain appreciation for the scale and wonder of our galaxy. Nighttime in the desert can be chilly so dress accordingly.

If Friday is cloudy, plan to attend [ Just what is light anyway? How is light created? Do we have too much of a good thing? Join astronomy interpreter Randy Dunning for a short multimedia presentation about light and stars. After the program, gather with Randy near the Cottonwood Canyon Trailhead to see the astronomical wonders of the [ Outside, away from civilization, is a symphony of sensory experiences.

With a deep and varied history in Eastern philosophical traditions, mindfulness is training oneself to be aware, truly present, and to fully experience everything this moment has to offer. Make the most of your outdoor adventures! Learn simple skills like slowing down, observing, savoring, and being aware of unreasonable or unhelpful thoughts [ NPS Astro-Rangers will guide you in an exploration of our favorite star…the sun! Safely look at the sun through a solar telescope to observe solar flares, the sudden release of electromagnetic energy from the solar atmosphere; sunspots, dark areas on the surface of the sun arising from strong magnetic fields; and discover why the sky is [ Visit an emerging permaculture design project, sustainable farm and off-grid solar powered home that integrates wild habitat with intensive agriculture while building topsoil.

Tour two growing domes where John and Rhonda raise most of their food year round. Learn about wild edible and medicinal plants and sample a wild-crafted herb tea. Bring hiking shoes that may [ The glare from typical city street and parking lot lighting can obliterate all but the brightest astronomical objects. Enjoy conversation, star stories and a telescopic view of sky objects visible from downtown Kanab.

Learn the basics of dark sky friendly street lighting and what [ Experience an inspiring, collaborative evening of original poetry and passion for nature in a beautiful art space! Wild Kane County, organized by residents of Kanab, strives to honor the intrinsic value and beauty of the natural world, and advance the preservation and restoration of wildlife and wild lands in Kane County. Everyone is invited [ Learn how to slow down, observe, savor, be aware and fully experience the now moment to compose and capture your best images.

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Limited to 10 people. Everything you always wanted to know—but were afraid to ask….

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The Secret Life of Trees will give you a brief overview of the trivial, the economical, and even the wacky ways that trees live and affect our daily lives. Come and enjoy this short interpretive talk about one of our most valuable earth resources. With the delightful sound of songbirds in morning shade, discover how yoga can help set the intention for your day. Experience the fullness of breath to increase awareness. Learn poses that calm, center, align, adjust, lengthen, strengthen and energize by bringing balance to body and mind.

Guided by a certified Shambhava Yoga instructor, stretch into a few poses, breathe deeply and smile. All levels are welcome. Wear comfortable clothing and enjoy basic postures. Practice ends [ Join a BLM Ranger and an Archeologist for a moderately difficult six mile hike to an amazing petroglyph site sporting expansive scenic vistas. Segments of the trail are steep with over feet in elevation change each way. Some scrambling is required to negotiate a seven-foot sandstone ledge.

Enjoy spectacular views of the Vermilion Cliffs and Kaibab Plateau! Share a picnic lunch and discussion of Native American rock art. Bring your usual hiking gear including [ Sego Restaurant invites everyone to enjoy the bounty of Mother Earth, from great food to brilliant skies above, and supports increased awareness of the importance of dark night skies in the city of Kanab for residents and visitors to our community, for pets and for wildlife.

The great outdoors helps us find our own great inner selves. For ten years, WinGate has helped young people from across the country and the world who suffer from emotional pain and addiction to find peace and healing in the desert places around Kanab. Learn how through story-telling, testimonials, photography and displays, nature heals, silence stirs and this amazing earth invites internal change. Change of Venue! Looks like cold, wet weather is coming to Kanab on Wednesday! The time has not changed. The food, the music and the conversations will be wonderful! Hear an update from GSE Partners [ After a brief introduction and instructions sitting in Circle, utilize the gift of time and space to compose your poem, then, inspired by the lovely red rock surroundings, rejoin the Circle to share your creation.

Bring a comfortable, portable chair or blanket and pens or pencils, layered clothing, sunscreen, and water. Journals will be provided. Rocks can be slippery in spots, wading is required and the river can be muddy after recent rain. Access by dirt road is weather-dependent. You must provide a phone number where you can be reached, so we can inform you of [ Maps of additional trails in the local area will be provided. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in biking or hiking. Find hope and inspiration in the new face of the environmental movement — young people worldwide, leading a global revolution to challenge leaders to take effective action to stem climate change.

Awards [ Far and away the best combination of authoritative statements, diverse opinions, contrasted future scenarios, arresting and hugely varied imagery and evocative sounds examining its political, social and behavioral implications. See the forefront of the clean energy revolution in two model towns highlighted for their exemplary steps: Greensburg, Kansas, and Lancaster, California, where practical steps to transition away from fossil fuels are being taken with substantial economic, public health and environmental benefits. Take a leisurely hike in the White Cliffs of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, learning about various biological and archaeological features along the way.

Bring sunscreen, water, sturdy shoes, snacks and layered clothing according to weather conditions. Contact Emily to sign up. Limit of 10 people. People need nature in a deep and fundamental fashion, but we have often designed our cities and suburbs in ways that both degrade the environment and alienate us from nature. Encounter buildings [ Utah has some of the darkest night skies in the lower Learn how dark they are, why it matters and how you can help preserve the awesome nighttime experience of wonder over your home town.

Explore human health and ecological consequences of light pollution and [ What is the personal and global impact of our consumer culture? Is there an alternative? From architects, designers and musicians, to businessmen, authors and families, learn the ways that many different types of people are attempting to live simpler, more meaningful lives, and their varied motivations for doing so. Travel to 12 countries on 6 continents to discover why it may be too [ Join Paleontologist Katja Knoll for a moderately strenuous one mile round trip hike into the Vermilion Cliffs, including some scrambling, to arrive at a dinosaur track site.

Please carpool as parking is limited. Bring water, snacks, sunscreen and appropriate gear for weather conditions, rain or shine.

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Elevation gain approximately ft. Explore how one of the truly extraordinary events of our civilization, space travel, gave us a totally different perspective on the Earth. This humbling reminder of the near-incalculable breadth of our impact on the Earth challenges us to reconsider our relationship with our home and the urgency to shift our perspective. A provocative and breathtaking wake-up call! Just Eat It! As a society, we devour countless cooking shows, culinary magazines and foodie blogs. Filmmakers and food lovers, Jen and Grant, dive into the issue of food waste from farm, through retail, all the way to the back of their own fridge.

Witness the intimate portrait of an ancestral way of life in France under threat in a world increasingly dominated by large-scale industrial agriculture. That fundamental shift reveals the human story of family farming at a turning point in history. Awards and [ Interest in photographing night skies has escalated with recent improvements in low light sensitivity of digital cameras. However, the ever increasing spread of light pollution is making dark sky sanctuaries harder to find. Southern Utah has some of the darkest skies anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Photographers, amateur astronomers and visitors are increasingly drawn to experience the dark night sky above Grand Staircase and Vermilion Cliffs National Monuments and Zion, Grand Canyon, and Bryce [ Livestock grazing is a permitted use of Colorado Plateau public lands, including But other public lands values are important, too, such as wildlife, flowers, pollinators, springs, and biological soil crusts. The magnificent splendor of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, so close to the City of Kanab, is a powerful attraction for tourists who enjoy spectacular scenery.

The towering, multi-colored cliffs of the Staircase, [ Revel in an evening of artistic creativity like no other as three gifted artists express this land of extremes with different eyes and unique [ Coffee and lemonade are included. Beer and [ The Mexican gray wolf originally roamed vast swaths of the southwestern U.

Begun in , a captive breeding program partially restored wolf populations to the so-called Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area stretching between the Gila National Forest in New Mexico [ Gather for cowboy coffee and old-time music at the chuck wagon. Learn flint napping, yucca sandal, Paiute bead craft and rope making.

Try your arm at throwing an atlatl, cast an animal track, make a rag doll or enjoy toys and games from the 19th century! Attend a historic grasslands talk by our resource [ This archaeological dig is a mock excavation designed to show how archaeologists find and recover artifacts and what can be learned from items we find in the ground. An archaeologist will supervise activity at two separate excavations. One is designed for children up to 12 years old; the other is intended for high school age to seniors! The adult excavation will be an accurate representation of a real archaeological dig using real artifacts.

The survey, [ Trumbull Wilderness at 6, feet in elevation. Rangers will lead a short, 1. Our hike through [ Caravan to the trailhead. This easy to moderate ride in sand with segments of rocky trail begins in Seaman Canyon, east of Kanab along U. S Hwy 89 and is good for all ages.

John Wesley Powell's Perilous Journey Down the Colorado

The ride ends at Seaman Point atop the Vermilion Cliffs with spectacular views [ Amazing Earthfest encourages residents and visitors in Kane County to reduce, reuse and recycle! Learn the simple practices of breathing, postures and mindfulness that work for everyone willing to give them a try. Extra mats available or bring your own.

Wear comfortable clothing and enjoy basic postures including sun salutation, stretch, inversion, warrior poses and others. Topic: Global Fashion Industry 92 minutes The groundbreaking, untold story about who really pays the price for our clothing. This is about the clothes we wear, the people who make them, and the impacts of fast fashion. Filmed in countries all over the world, from the brightest runways to the darkest slums, find out why the price of clothing has been decreasing for decades, while human and environmental costs have grown dramatically.

Official Selection at [ Like a hike through the Book of Revelation, super storms, rising seas, forest fires and crippling droughts are all too common.

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In this riveting talk, he poses three questions: Do we have to change? Can we change? Will we change? His answer is YES on all three! Learn why the former Vice President is so excited [ Strongly held opinions are often radically contradictory. What should we as a community and as a nation be doing about it? To ignore this issue is becoming perilous! Amazing Earthfest invites the [ Topic: Climate Adaptation Explore recent extreme weather events and scientific projections for the future. Violent stormy weather is a natural outcome of a warming planet.

What can we do to give ourselves the best chance of protecting our homes and families from the devastating effects of a world of super storms? The perfect film for deniers: This film is not about whether or not climate change is real, or what may be the cause. Instead, [ Fitting for those who are new to yoga, have physical limitations, and for students who prefer a less rigorous and [ On this occasion Amazing Earthfest brings you the very highest caliber in chamber music performance. Each of these fine classical musicians is an accomplished soloist. Meet these outstanding players, share conversation with friends, and mingle with visiting guests after the performance.

Ticket sales each year for Amazing Earthfest concerts help bring extraordinary talent to Kane County. Thank you for supporting these fine performances! Topic: Public Policy 60 minutes One of the worst ecological disasters in U. Dramatic images and commentary from scientists, government officials and local residents present the history of the Salton Sea and the current options for saving it. Admission is [ Experience the desert in bloom on a ranger-led hike along the Hanging Garden trail.

The alcove is full of ferns, mosses, and possibly even orchids in bloom for [ Official Selection at Washington D. Admission is free. Donations to [ Electricity powers our modern lives! Come join the discussion and learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint and lower your monthly power bill too. Douglas Palmer - World / History: Books

This informal conversation with our local electric utility efficiency expert will also explore how to incorporate energy efficient products and integrate renewable energy into your lifestyle. Carpool to the Mansard Trailhead to begin the hike at AM. Segments of the trail are very steep with over feet in elevation change. Some scrambling is required to negotiate a seven-foot sandstone ledge [ A vast and austere landscape protecting remarkable frontier resources, GSENM presents exemplary opportunities for science and research in paleontology, archaeology, ecology, history and geology, and is a destination for exquisite scenery and backcountry solitude.

Join Beth, an American mother and child rights advocate from a family of 12, to explore the connection between overpopulation and our most pressing environmental and humanitarian problems. Uncover solutions to raising the status of women worldwide through education and empowerment, an essential step to [ From party snacks to desserts and everything in between, this is a community-building event where resident and visiting festival goers can meet volunteers and contributors, artists, authors, musicians, event presenters and scientists.

Inspired by the native prairie, Jensen believed that urban dwellers needed the beauty of nature in their lives and was instrumental in the creation of over parks and gardens. Enjoy this historical profile of an American visionary! First made prominent in the s by the Wetherill expeditions, Cedar Mesa is home to one of the highest concentrations of archaeological sites in the nation.

Considered sacred ground by several regional native American tribes, an estimated 12, archaeological sites have been recorded here, with many more hidden on the mesa tops [ Safely look at the sun to observe solar flares and sunspots. Find out why the sky is blue and how the Earth compares to the Sun in size. Crawl into the night during the day! Join us in our planetarium to see the stars, discover how to find the North Star, and [ Let Celtic Indian and legendary performer Arvel Bird, GSENM Artist in Residence, lead you in exploring the creative process through music and place, tapping your connection to the land and unleashing your personal soul song.

Weaving local cultures, experiences on GSENM, stories of the ancient ones, and respect for Spirit everywhere into this workshop, join Arvel with your own musical instrument. Language Clear. English 31 Spanish 1. Availability Clear. Exlude Out of Stock. Home douglas-palmer.

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List Grid. Origins - Human Evolution Revealed. Douglas Palmer. Notify Me. Collins Gem Fossils. Evolution The Story Of Life. Origins Of Man. Fossils Collins Gem. Collins Gem Dinosaurs. Elements of Palaeontology. Pockets Fossils. Earth In Groundbreaking Discoveries. Atlas of the Prehistoric World.

Viewfinder: Fossils. Creature Close-Up: Dinosaurs and Fossils. Dinosaurs Collins Gem. Seven Million Years. Availability - Out of Stock Shipping: Free. Please wait. Loading more results Contact Us.

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