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If, while hopping through the court in either direction, the player steps on a line, misses a square, or loses balance, the turn ends.

Hopscotch by Julio Cortazar

Players begin their turns where they last left off. The first player to complete one course for every numbered square on the court wins the game. Although the marker is most often picked up during the game, historically, in the boy's game, the marker was kicked sequentially back through the course on the return trip and then kicked out. It is attested that an ancient form of hopscotch was played by Roman children, [5] but the first recorded references to the game in the English-speaking world date to the late 17th century, usually under the name "scotch-hop" or "scotch-hopper s ".

They play with a piece of tile or a little flat piece of lead, upon a boarded floor, or any area divided into oblong figures like boards'. The entry states, "The time when schoolboys should play at Scotch-hoppers. Since the game was known and popular in the seventeenth century, it is logical to suppose it may have existed at least a few decades or perhaps even many centuries before its earliest literary reference; but no conclusive evidence has yet been presented to support this theory.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary , the etymology of hopscotch is a formation from the words "hop" and "scotch", the latter in the sense of "an incised line or scratch".

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There are many other forms of hopscotch played across the globe. In Turkey , it is Seksek the verb "sek" means to jump with one foot. In Poland , it is called klasy , meaning classes rectangular shape, with the use of no marker but with speaking names of various items of a given class, e.

Swedes name the game hoppa hage lit. In Italy the game is known as campana meaning bell , or mondo meaning world. In the Netherlands and Flanders , it is called Hinkelen. In Malaysia the most popular variant is called tengteng. In Mexico , it is called bebeleche mamaleche meaning drink milk or avioncito meaning little plane "probably because of the shape". In Cuba and in Puerto Rico it is called "La Peregrina" meaning "Pilgrim Girl" and the squares represent the 9 rings the pilgrim traveler has to pass in order to reach Heaven from Purgatory according to Dante's Inferno. In Brazil it is called amarelinha.

In Breton , the name is reg or delech. The Albanian variant is called rrasavi , which is composed of two words: rrasa "the flat stone", an object used to play the game and vi "line", a reference to the lines that comprise the diagram of the course. In Philippines , hopscotch is called "piko" pee-ko and sometimes also called kiki ki-ki.

Its common court in the Philippines has six squares.

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In India, hopscotch is called "thikrya", because broken stones called 'thikrya' are slid across the grid as players hop to next squares. In Ghana , hopscotch is called "tumatu" and it is mostly played by children. The game's generic name in Persian is Laylay. The most common form of Laylay in Iran resembles the older Western types and uses six or more always an even number side-by-side squares successively vertically numbered. The player uses a peg or a flat stone that the player must kick to the next square as the player is hopping. If either the stone or a player's foot lands on a line, the player forfeits the game or loses a turn.

Although somewhat less common, the contemporary Western type is also played. In the Glasgow area, the game is called "beds" or "Peever s ". In the s and s in Glasgow, it was common for the peever to be a shoe polish tin filled with stones or dirt and screwed shut.

Edinburgh children also call the game Peevers, played on a Peever bed with a chalked grid and a small flat tin - like a puck, where the chalk is stored during the game with the ballast. A French variant of hopscotch is known as escargot snail or marelle ronde round hopscotch. It is played on a spiral course. Players must hop on one foot to the center of the spiral and then reverse their path to back out again.

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If the player reaches the center without stepping on a line or losing balance he or she marks one square with his or her initials, and from then on may place two feet in that square, while all other players must hop over it. The game ends when all squares are marked or no one can reach the center, and the winner is the player who "owns" the most squares. The first player throws a small stone into the first square and then jumps to the square and must kick the stone to the next square and so on, however, neither the stone nor the player may stop in Hell so they try to skip that square.

These games have similar principles in that players must hop on one foot and must throw the marker in the right square. The game is mostly common among girls in India, though some boys play too. The name probably refers to the "potsherd" that was used as a marker. In Australia, hopscotch is played in stages. The first stage is played by hopping per the standard rules. Once this stage is complete, the player is promoted to the next stage called "jumps" where the player jumps into each square with two feet.

The final stage is the most difficult stage called "sizzles", which is similar to jumps except the legs are crossed. The first player to complete all three stages wins. If a player touches a line, he is demoted to the start of his current stage. For younger players, "helps" can be used.

These are lines typically extended at the sides between squares 2 and 3 so younger players can use these to get closer to throwing the "tortoise " into the required square. In Ghana, the name of the game is tumatu. The current Guinness Book of World Records holder for the fastest hopscotch game is Ashrita Furman , at 1 minute and 8 seconds. Media related to Hopscotch at Wikimedia Commons.

Angela: "Let's go play hop-scotch, I am thinking that tree stump is a good area to start! An adult hardcore drinking game best played with a group of people but can also be played solo. An order is set to see who goes first, second, third, etc.

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Each person has the first type of scotch in front of them and the one to goes first drinks the glass as a shot, immediately followed by the second person, who is then immediately followed by the third person and so on and so forth. This constitutes as the first round. Second round is similar but done with another type of scotch. If by some chance there are still players aware after te five rounds, start over.

Hopscotch by Julio Cortazar

Players are eliminated for breaking the cycle going before their turn , taking too long to down their drink, or for passing out. Last person standing is the winner.

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For a list of types of scotch, look up scotch on wikipedia. Don't drink and drive! We went down to the bar Friday night to play a game of hopscotch but one of my friends passed out after only the second round. A euphemism for sex. Fuck that!!

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A mixture of beer and scotch. Never drink hopscotch. Another word for something that is top notch.