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Defeating degeneration is only possible through teamwork and collaboration. Partnering is a central part of our strategy and we are continuously on the lookout for new assets, technologies, and scientific insights. With a team of experienced and passionately dedicated scientists and drug developers, we believe we can succeed in meaningfully improving the lives of patients and their families. Follow the link to learn how you can contribute to this mission.

Our goal is to discover and develop therapeutics to defeat degeneration. We have assembled a team with deep scientific, clinical, business, and leadership expertise in biotechnology and specifically in neurodegenerative diseases. We invite you to consider an opportunity with Denali to help achieve our goal of delivering meaningful therapeutics to patients. Follow the link and fill out our centralized contact form and we will get in touch with you shortly. Defeat Degeneration. The Time is Right. Science Pipeline Patients. Scientific Approach. Learn More. Analysis of the leadership positions at 31 scientific societies finds a gender imbalance at higher ranks but not with lower-status roles.

Non-invasive millimetre-wave imaging produces high-contrast 3D images of skin and can map tumours as accurately as histology. Modified metal-carbide flakes incorporated into existing perovskite solar cells could make perovskite cells a commercially viable part of green energy solutions. Wires coated with magnetic materials and hydrogel can be guided through arteries by magnetic fields. At the ASTRO Annual Meeting, researchers unveil the latest research in areas such as cardiac radioablation, immunotherapy and machine learning.

New fibrous material could allow robots to feel touch and sense how they interact with their environment. How will we deal with the deluge of data from current and future particle colliders?

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Michela Massimi explains why "model independence" could hold the answer. Matthew Jones and Charles Adams call on physicists to limit their travel to help tackle the climate emergency. New technique reliably and precisely inserts single-ion impurities into a crystal and could help in the development of future quantum information technologies.

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A new crop of quantum technologies is set to make waves in the commercial world. Get up to speed on what they are and what impact they will have in the future.

At all stages of your career, we can help find the job for you. TWI provides Members and stakeholders with authoritative and impartial expert advice, know-how and safety assurance related to engineering, materials and joining technologies.

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This webinar deals with the rationale for using a Monte Carlo-based QA software in the radiation therapy clinic. In this presentation we will discuss the types of treatment plans that a Monte Carlo-based QA system would be best utilized for. View the webinar. Stay up to date with the latest international conferences, symposia and exhibitions for interdisciplinary scientists working across academic research and industry.

This free conference is ideal for anyone wishing to learn more about biophotonics, photonics and microscopy subjects in bio-medical-life science disciplines. View the event. Browse all. Buyer's Guide Jobs Sign in Register. Type to search.

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Today's headlines. Quantum computing Research update Google reports quantum supremacy in draft paper. Emerging therapies Research update Gold nanoshell-based cancer treatment is safe for the clinic Nanoparticles tuned to absorb near-infrared radiation heat the tumour while sparing surrounding tissue. Researchers map freshwater supplies and resilience.

Advanced materials Research update Time reversal symmetry breaks in ferromagnetic Weyl semimetals Results from precise band structure measurements are an important step forward in the quest for materials in which magnetism and topology could be exploited for future technology a Research news. Nanomaterials Research update Single-nanowires make powerful spectrometers. Condensed matter Research update Transition from flocking to jamming recreated in the lab. Climate Research update Only wet regions may become wetter as climate changes.

Biophysics Research update 1.

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Radiotherapy Research update MRI guidance minimizes toxicity in prostate cancer radiotherapy The first prospective study of MR-guided hypofractionated radiotherapy in prostate cancer patients demonstrates particularly low toxicity. Climate Research update Mitigating urban heat islands with trees is more effective in dry climates More greenery in wet, tropical regions has small cooling effect on cities. Materials for energy Research update Can flexoelectricity explain the charging by friction conundrum? Covering Climate Now.

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Climate Opinion and reviews How do we manage the retreat of communities hit by climate change? Climate Audio Building a consensus on climate change, the future of our warming oceans, the world beneath our feet.