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Atlantic OCS waters, and produced map products that support regional planning efforts. The survey dataset represents over three decades of science-quality, geographically referenced, visual sighting data from boat-based and aerial surveys conducted in U. Atlantic OCS waters by a range of entities including government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and academic researchers. We compiled a consistent, unified set of environmental spatial data layers for U.

Atlantic OCS waters including oceanographic, atmospheric, physiographic, and other relevant variables from remote sensing, long-term observational databases, data-assimilating ocean models, and other sources.

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We conducted spatial predictive modeling that related the occurrence and abundance of marine birds in the survey data to the environmental spatial data layers, and used those relationships to predict the long-term relative density of each species throughout U.

Atlantic OCS waters along with estimates of the statistical uncertainty in the predictions. We provided a summary report and synthetic map products that support incorporation of avian spatial distributions into regional planning efforts. The format of the map products takes into account management-specific needs, in communication with BOEM, regional ocean councils, and other relevant management and policy authorities.

Application of OpenFOAM to Coastal and Offshore Modelling

What We Found Results of this project include seasonal and annual predictive maps of relative density for 47 marine bird species in U. Atlantic OCS waters.

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Benefits of Our Work The predictive maps of marine bird relative density are being used by BOEM, other federal and state agencies, non-governmental organizations, and regional ocean councils to aid sound environmental stewardship, renewable energy siting, and other spatial planning needs in Atlantic OCS waters. Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf to support offshore renewable energy planning.

Modeling and mapping marine bird distributions on the U.

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Primary Contact s : john. This project began in May and was completed in May Postdoctoral Researcher Position: Ice-ocean interactions of polar ice sheets using ice-flow modelling and radar data analysis. Research Scientist in Mesoscale Eddy Parameterization. Assistant Professor tenure-track - Earth Data Science.

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Positions in Marine Biogeochemistry. Early Stage Researcher.

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Post-doc position focusing on Triple-isotopic investigations of methane released in coastal Siberian Arctic. Research Positions to investigate new approaches to modeling planetary boundary layers and convection in Earth system models. Full Professorship W2 in Marine Micropalaeontology.

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PhD Fellowships in interdisciplinary climate research. Postdoctoral Investigator - Physical Oceanography Department.

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Ocean Modeller - Overflows. Ocean Biogeochemical Data and Model Analyst. Assistant Professor tenure track in Paleoclimate Sedimentology. Post-Doctoral Fellow: Late Paleozoic siliciclastic sedimentology and geochronology, or Early Cretaceous carbonate sedimentology and chemostratigraphy.