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Sperm competition and sexual selection: a meta-analysis of paternity studies of birds

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Sperm competition

Or filter your current search. Type: Research Support, Non-U. Gov't, Review, Journal Article. Abstract Female remating is fundamental to evolutionary biology as it determines the pattern of sexual selection and sexual conflict.

Evolution of Sperm Competition - Hopi Hoekstra

Remating in females is an important component of Drosophila mating systems because it affects sperm usage patterns and sexual selection. Remating is common in females of many species of Drosophila in both natural and laboratory populations. It has been reported in many insect species and also in vertebrates. This book will be heavily consulted by biologists at the cutting edge of research in this field, but at the same time can be read and enjoyed by anyone with even a passing interest in how evolution shapes animal diversity.

There seems little doubt that it will become a new bible for students of sperm competition.

Two of the chapters The book contains large appendices and tables of data; background reproductive physiology made intelligible for behavioural ecologists; intelligent suggestions for future research; and original analyses which have not been published elsewhere. It is a one-stop first-step guide for anyone wishing to understand, add to, subtract from critically , or multiply synthetically research on sperm competition, and should be compulsory equipment in any lab that works on sexual selection.

Residence: Sheffield, U. Affiliation: The University, Sheffield, U.

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Residence: Paris, France. Part I General themes: sperm competition and the evolution of ejaculates - towards a theory base, G. Parker; sperm competition and sexual selection, A.

Female remating, sperm competition and sexual selection in Drosophila. - Abstract - Europe PMC

Moller; female roles in sperm competition, W. Eberhard; paternity and paternal care, J. Part II Taxonomic treatments: pollen competition in flowering plants, L.

enter Delph and K. Havens; sperm limitation, gamete competition and sexual selection in external fertilizers, D. Levitan; mating conflicts and sperm competition in simultaneous hermaphrodites, N.