Statistical process control : the Deming paradigm and beyond

Everyone who has experienced psychic phenomena, he says, wants to And in this book, first published in , he gives them their answers. and Her Phenomena () and Psychical Phenomena and the War ().

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How do the service elements electrical lines,plumbing,air conditioning ducts.. The placement of them affects where the elements can go. If you're planning decorative lighting, you need to avoid joists that have AC ducts by them if for no other reason than labor cost , but it's advantagous to have a main electrical line close-by so that a new one doesn't need to be run too far. You also need to check that the electrical service is enough for your applications.

If there's an air return it's not a good idea to block it eg. Plumbing costs a lot nomatter what you do with it. If you're planning on installing anything that needs to be plumbed with water or gas, take a look at what you can tie off of. It might be cheaper for an architect to redraw a wetbar closer to a kitchen or bathroom than for a contracter to actually plumb it in on the other side of a large space, especially if it's of the cinderblock wall-slab floor variety. I have not been able to find out any more info.

I wonder if any of your researchers have access to more detailed historical information than I seem to be able to get my hands on. Thank You so Much for all your future efforts , sincerely Dennis Nigrelli.

The History of the German Army (Uniformology CD-2004-29)

Sincerely Dennis Nigrelli. And lets not forget the big advantage that it enabled people to do their own homework. The fall of Communism? Did I blink? Assuming you mean Communist States in stead of true Communism , there are still some of those around. Actually, only the USSR disintegrated. I've heard this claim before and never understood it. Is this wishful thinking or has 'communism' been redefined again to make this appear true? The recent discovery of dark matter might make an interesting article. I know I'd like to know more about it, as I'm keeping up with the news on it.

My grandfather had played cricket for Madras in the early 's. His name is C V Krishnaswami. Would it be possible to get more details about his matches. What's the name of that country? I'm not sure if this is the same instrument, but on cartoons there's one depicted as a small thing you put over your mouth and move the lips and etc in order to modulate the sound. The mouth works then as a cavity resonator. It's probably the same one. In which U. I would like to find out whether this person is still alive and, if so, where. Her name is Steffi Robertson.

Help is greatly appreciated. Bill Schrimmer. Why did the SS officers have skulls, a universal symbol of death, on their hats if they wanted to keep what they were doing during the Holocaust a secret? Wouldn't these skulls have given something away? I can understand using the skull in overt military units, but putting a skull's head on an SS hat was sort of helping to give away their evil little secret. What would you think if you saw a police officer with a skull on his hat? You mean Pittsburgh Pirates? I am trying for the life of me to figure out how to contact anyone from the crew of Grays Anatomy.

After hours of online research I am not sure what the best way to find out is. I have looked at official sites and done google searches Do you know contact info for peter horton the shows producer or any other members of the shows crew? If not do you know where I can find out contact info for peter or any other member? Thank you,. Nate What are short-run influences on a person's behavior that increase risk-taking? As a boy in Germany I saw a British film black and white which had alien pods landing near a village and infecting folks black marks on their necks ; this is not the American version of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"; at the end of the film, the villagers were walking zombie-like to a facility that looked like a refinery - cylindrical tanks 3 ;.

The people were actually the food for what was in the tanks Possibly Quatermass II or one of the others in the series? I have this procrastination problem because for a while now, I've always wanted to finish the game before finishing my homework but it turns out my game has gone on for too long. This becomes a major problem, so how can I get myself to like studying as much as that game, so I effectively replace that game as a recreational activity, with studying?

I want to want to study, because I know I would get so far ahead, thinking studying is fun and all, so how do I get myself to feel that way? Hello, I was just thinking how much it'd cost to buy a new or second hand aircraft carrier, destroyer or frigate? Anyone know? The Russian government, and perhaps some of their neighbors would be only too happy to accept oodles of cash from you to sell one of their old rust buckets, and the Russian Mafia will be happy to take it off your hands, killing you in the process, after you get it operational again, because the international terrorists are anxious to get their hands on something like this.

I am looking for a magazine or any other document that shows the san jose city college first team, division one all american for 3rd base in baseball. If anyone can find this answer and give me a website or anything i would really apreciate it. Thank you very much. The main Viking nation Denmark consisted of s of islands including naval routes to possesions in Norway and Sweden which forced almost any settlement that wishes to trade to become adept at sailing.

Also to keep in mind that back then sailing were immensely faster than walking across land so it was often faster to sail around for example Jutland instead of walking across it making a need for seamanship greater. Further more Dirk Vikings werent just adept around the 8th centuary, theres just only viking raids records of that era, ancient vikings boats salvaged proofs that the scandinavian people were adept at sailing long before that. Regardless of how u want to define or split up the viking populations fact remains that Scandinavia, and primarily the area today known as Denmark consisted of many s islands which forced everyone to know sailing to a certain degree, and as to possesions i mainly refer to colonies on the coast of norway from vikings in the area known as Denmark.

And to clarify what I said, the Vikings or whichever Nordic people were the most adept in Europe or at least best know for it around the 8th century and for some time thereafter. Of course these skills didn't come out of the blue and they must have been good sailors long before that. Anyway, we agree oj one thing. It's the mere presence of water that makes people build boats and learn to use them. Which were the major colonising nations?

Now look at a map and what do they have in common? Right, the Atlantic. The Belgians just weren't trying hard enough, I suppose. Belgium didnt exist until so apart from trying to avoid being annexed back into the netherlands, and establishing an new government. I'll say they were fairly excused considering they still managed to colonise the most valuable part of africa. Wika is a Neopagan religion found in many different countries, though most commonly in English-speaking cultures. How do I print the symbols for cents, and other often used symbols not listed on the keyboard? I know there is a list of them but don't remember what it is called.

In my version WordPerfect 12, Home Edition , there are fifteen separate sets of characters. I inserted the cents sign in the previous sentence by creating it in a WordPerfect document, then cutting and pasting it here. I hope it shows up as a cents sign for everyone. If Gates could figure out a way to block it, I'm sure he would. Recently I noticed that there was an entry for an organization called Democracy Matters that does a lot of gret things on democracry reform issues.

I'd like to do the same for our organization. We are the Greenlining Institute, a multi-ethnic public policy research and advocacy Institute that works to empower low income and minority communities. How can I post information about us? Hi does anyone know the name of a movie starring Alexa Vega who plays a girl named Vanessa who is bullied by her 'friends' to the point where she tryes to kill herself?

I saw it yesterday but I didn't see the name,haha, thnx. My son is disabled; from a traumatic brain injury. Asa result, he is in mostly parallel level ESE classes in highschool 10th grade because of his need for the specialized services. We are content with his ESE classes. He needs to fulfill the requirement of 2 years of the same foreign language to be able to attend a University.

He is a good student except in the Regular French class were he struggles as a result of his disabilities. They only supply ESE sign language which is a 2 handed class. The sign teacher told me that he does not have one-handed sign instruction. There are other language classes available, but none are ESE. His interest is in French. Studyguides for test, oral response, etc. Otherwise, he is learning, but not passing the tests. I had asked for them to modify the class to an ESE format for my son but was told that the teacher is not certified ESE and that there are not enough students to warrant creating one.

Hi - Can anyone lead me to a list of Mint Marks on Spanish colonial coins. Many coins are similare and only the Mint Mark identifies the country to late The bow is the wooden part, with upper and lower limbs, nocked at each tip for the bowstring, and a central grip and arrow rest. How can a sane person come up with that? I can't even discern them and much less come up with one Arabic Art doesn't seem to have much about impossible objects yet. Being indecisive?

Do lobsters fall in love for life? Are they typically paid by the individual looking for a job?

A combination of both? What is the typical rate? Is it usually a percentage of the individual's annual salary? If so, what percent is normally received? Is the payment contingency based they are paid after an individual is placed in a job , or some amount up-front and the remainder paid upon placement? Are there other arrangements that are common? Has there ever been an incident where a traveling Professional team has gotten into an Accident where all or some of the passengers were all killed. If so, what did the team do in the aftermath? Is the 'Meta Keywords' tag still used by search engines or webmasters as a search tool on webpages?

I have heard that the origin of 'chips' was from Thomas Chippendale, who enjoyed sliced potato with his fish. It's feasible, given the timescales, but I can't actually verify that it is true. Can you help? Why do women generally live longer than men? This is a bonus question for a school assignment that I have been working on for quite some time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have thorns in my fingers from gardening due to the fact that I was not wearing any gloves. They have been there for ten months and I've had to painstakingly remove them one by one since they are small, fine and needle-like.

What bothers me is when I think they have all been removed, it seems that several more appear in the same spot the next day. Any help would be appreciated as I am having trouble healing and have been to many doctors with no success. Thank you for that information, you are correct the reason is because I just found out about Wikipedia recently and don't really know much about it except that they may be able to help when people have questions. Is Roy still resigned or is he working again at the present? What is the flagship of the Royal Australian Navy?

She became the Fleet Flagship on 4 August In the latest issue of Viz , Biffa Bacon's long-lost uncle McDekka serves haggis for everyone, but it turns out there's only enough for young Biffa, so he nips oot ter the chippy and gets the rest three pie and chips. What kind of pie is it? I was wondering where some good places on the internet are where I can ask people to critique my HSC short-film screenplay 7 pages. I really need the critiques soon so I can perfect this piece before I start shooting in around 3 weeks time.

That way, when they try to beat the crap out of you, they will be a mile away, and without any shoes. This will give you a nice running head start. I know the three-digit security code on the back of my credit card, so is there any reason why I shouldn't obliterate it in case it gets stolen? Does Daffy Duck have a middle name? If so, what is it? Please and thank you, 8 February UTC I am wondering if you could help me find a contact address for Angelina Jolie as I would like to contact her or one of her agents regarding her work with children. Internet flame warriors is a wellknown classification of the residents of usenet, messageboards and mailing lists.

Does any such classification exist for wikipedia editors?

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I've managed to rather screw up my MP3 collection. I think I know how to get it back if not, expect further questions but for the time being, just a few queries:. According to A. The story behind the name is that a band of Ngai Tahu warriors in search of greenstone were about to attack a Ngati airangi pa when the chief of the invaders wa drowned while trying to vcross the river.

The leaderlessparty then returned directly to their home village. A similar explanation derives from an alternative rendering of the name: Okatika which, according to tradition, had the meaning of "retreat". Hello, I was wondering if you or somebody else knew the year that St. Giles houses were torn down to make room for New Oxford street in London?

And if houses remained or which areas the poor went to once displaced? There is any english band or group of baile funk?? Is there an anime wiki? There should be. I always get home from school and can never find any way to relax myself menatlly, got any suffestains? Im 13 year old girl. I listen to music and read something I find interesting,talk to a friend or watch a movie Do anything, I just need to avoid the wikipedia website. Just don't think about the schoolwork until Spend around an hour and a half listening to quiet music, take a hot bath while doing so, and curl up with a nice big thick novel in your living room while you're still warm.

Steer clear of rock music. It totally disrupts the rejuvenation process. I'm an insomniac, so I spend this time being a lazy lug-a-bed. Well, you may write your first telenovela. Or, you could watch Mexican soap operas at the times that they come on Univision or Telemundo -- I need your help, i have no idea what this song is, but i want to download it onto my ipod.

I think I know what song you are talking about!!! I'm not so sure, I'll chek on google I guess I should've done that before I answered, but oh well My sister says she thought the song went like: 'it's coming up, it's coming up, it's coming up 'each day', hahhahaha! In Saint Paul , Minnesota , there was a group of skinheads or neo-Nazis or something, led by a guy who was later "outed" as having a Hispanic mother I wish I could find the story online.

I know what a nazi is, and I know what a skinhead is I was just kidding, thought it was allowed. What is the black smoke in the tv series Lost? I have missed the last two episodes I am searching for a person who served on the above ship from to His last name was Shields. This is all the information I have about the subject. I believe this person is deceased, but I would still like to know if he served on this ship and any other information that is recorded that is relevent. I will return for any answer you can provide on this site.

Is there any virus which looks like or is like the "t-virus" of the Resident evil games? I don't mean a virus who turns people into zombies but, a virus that makes you eat flesh. In response to the original question, if I can be uncharacteristically pedantic for a moment, we might need to get clear on what is meant by "when it first broke out". At that stage the war had not technically begun because no country had declared war on any other country.

That did not happen till 3rd September, when UK declared war on Germany and Australia and a couple of other countries immediately followed suit. But from the perspective of the beleaguered Poles, it mattered not a whit that there was no formal declaration of war; hostilities had certainly commenced, and they were being massacred in their thousands. Was this part of the war, or was it merely the precursor to war? Was the assassination of Franz Ferdinand a part of WW1, or was it merely the thing that led to the war breaking out? Erm, which calendar did they use around 4 B.

Is it true that making your own telenovelas is a way of converting your anger into something positive? It works for me. Does anybody know what chemicals and additives are added to alternative cigarettes such as Magic and Herbal Gold? My mom is getting her tax refund check tomorrow.

The problem is that, I dont know whether to get:. I'm most conflicted with the last two. Can someone steer me in any direction? I'll take anything not on the list as well. I'd personally buy an ipod video, but if u like playstation, I suggest you wait and buy playstation 3. It is not always legal to share personal things with friends and family. You have to look at the conditions associated with the purchase. Obligatory disclaimer - I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice. See our article on Time shifting. Recording from television or radio is considered fair use if it's for the purpose of time shifting e.

It is a violation of copyright law to keep these recordings indefinitely. Raul , 10 February UTC. When Mt St. Helens started to erupt a while back, Why did people go to watch it, knowing that they were in an area that in got hit by the blast? Are they dumb or just oblivious? I think it takes more time than 26 years for sufficient pressure to build up for a major explosion like the one in , perhaps centuries. Who is responsible for assigning country codes?

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Why couldn't they set or as North Korea's? Wouldn't those numbers fit in with the nature of the country evil and murderous? Their area code is I suspect whoever does the area code assignments in the US has a sense of humor. Then again, you won't soon forget that area code, will you? This was one of the most ridiculous questions I've seen. In effect, it was "Why didn't an international and impartial organisation take the majority political views of one nation or one small group of nations as an universal, non-disputable truth, and use that to also side with one particular religion, and then use that as an act against another nation, who won't probably even notice the meaning of the act because they have a different majority religion, when the only thing they'll ever gain from it is being able to snicker at how foolish it makes the nation seem?

When a player is bought by one club from another club, does he have any share from the money of transfer? For example, Chelsea bought Ghanian midfielder Michael Essein from French club Lyon this season by over 20 million pound. Did Michael Essein has any share from this over 20 million pound which chelsea paid to Lyon? A question about the Reference Desk, for those who might know. Has anyone ever figured out why so many random folks from the internet end up at this URL when they are looking for answers?

Has anyone looked at the server logs to see what search terms people are using to find it? Clarification: I mean the Google or other search engine terms as indicated by the referer. Followup: We all know about Do your own homework. We also know that there are numerous teachers and professors who edit Wikipedia.

Have there been any hilarious examples of an educator finding their own pupil posting homework questions on the Reference Desk? Thanks, but those answers were boring. Anyone got better ones? Sometimes I get the distinct impression that there are vast underground networks providing support services to people who are, shall we say, not interested in learning how to fish. For example, I maintain the C FAQ list , and since I want feedback on it I publish my e-mail address with it, but for years my reward has mostly been that I get people emailing me "asking" more like insisting that I do their homework for them.

In fact, a friend who shares the same predicament once discovered after figuratavely grabbing one of these questioners around the neck and forcing the answer out of him that both of our addresses were on a list somewhere of what amounted to "suckers who are likely to help you out if you email them". We never found the actual list, but it made a certain amount of sense. Similarly, since Wikipedia is "hot" right now in sort of the same way that Usenet and FAQ lists were ten or fifteen years ago , it wouldn't surprise me to learn that multitudes of random people out there are saying to each other, via whatever person-to-person informal support networks they use, "Oh, you need help?

They answer everything! What's the title and artist of that song played during the montage, when all the marines get back home? I think it played to a piano tune Have a look at the 10th millennium BC and Mesolithic articles. Installing a game to my comp. How can I disable that program without uninstalling it? I would not know how to install it again. Thanks, hope you can help. Where did you get the game? For all you know it is a trick to get you to install some viruses. Why does people who are about to get an lethal injection get thier arm chemically cleansed first?

My professor cannot remember for the life of him the title of a made-for-television movie about Jesus that was nearly cancelled because of a lack of sponsorship caused by a loudmouthed televangelist who claimed it was blasphemous, but one company swept in and rescued it. I don't know the title, nor the sponsor, but he said it made the news. Anyone have any ideas on what the title was or who the sponsor was? I have firmware 2. Is it possible??? If it is, is there any instructions on the internet?? Ooh baby, I feel right, music sounds better with you, love might bring us back together?

I am having a bit of trouble locating this information in the Manual of Style. When are all-caps permitted in article titles? Since Godiva redirects to Lady Godiva , should it be moved to Godiva band? I'm intelligent, but I'm a cyber-dummy! Please advise! Thank you, Calif. I remember when I was little I always thought magic schools were just fiction but when I read in the newspaper about a french girl that went to a magic school I realised they actually had magic schools, any sites where there is some info where some schools are?

I wouldn't mind going to one Of course I'm not talking bout Hogwarts is such, that is fiction, but I know there are Wiccan schools. What does that mean? Does anyone know how many times the average American will have sex in his or her lifetime? I think this is very important, especially considering how important we make sexual orientation out to be.

Okiedokie, second question now, this time about the olympics. There's a rather uptempo, kind of action-y feeling song that they're playing that reminisces of other music I've heard; trouble is, I haven't a damn clue who wrote it, or plays it Hi there. What i was getting to the point about, is version control, and how it is used. Say if i search for "ECU" as an example, the description about ECU comes up, is that description stored in a database?

If so, are the other versions too? I was just wondering about expansion, if this was the case, do you need massive hard drive capabilities etc? The wicca series by Cate Tiernan are actually based on the religion, but is everything they say bout the religion in the book true? Because they said that you have to study Wicca for a year to become a full wiccan or something, but I havn't found that rule on any site, in fact it said Wicca has no rules After reading the articles on quad skating and inline skates , I was curious: in terms of riding characteristics, how do they differ?

According to the article, it's easier to turn sharp corners with quad skates which makes sense , but do they differ in other ways? And why are inline skates faster, if they both have the same number of wheels and bearings assuming they are of similar quality and characteristics? And what about brakes - inline skates tend to have heel brakes, while quad skates have toe brakes, is there a reason for that?

Does one type of brake work better in certain situations than the other? Thanks in advance! Anyone know what's going on with WikiWax the site, not the article? They've been unavailable for a while now. I'm having some problems with the bolted neck on my guitar, which has now seperated about 1cm from the main body after someone decided to kick a ball at it. The threads seem to be now useless, so does anyone have any ideas on how i can rectify this? I'm thinking about trying to use wood glue on it, but i feel this will be pointless due to string tension. Any ideas? Does the U.

Who started putting Mailboxes on the roadside, and when did they do it? After SoapNet , what other soap network are we going to expect and what is that network's format going to be? In australia we have road side mail boxes and one of my best child hood memories is when we filled some poor persons mail box up with fire works and exploded it.. On a recent CNN evening broadcast, there was a segment about a web site that offers registration to input biographical information. After you complete registration, you print out a tag with visible numbers that you stick in a car window.

If you find an attractive person entering a car with a sticker mentioned above, you can go to web portal, enter this number and obtain bio on this person. It was promoted as a new form of blind dating. Can some one help identify this protal? I have a 5 dollar bill with a red seal and red serial numbers.

I would like to receive information on this bill. How much is it worth? Please send me an email soon. My e-mail address is ertnmjp2 hotmail. Sincerely, Evan Treadway -- A monster? In a lot of books, the subject is Wicca and Witchraft, what is the difference? I know that the difference between a wiccan and a witch is that a wiccan goes by a philosophy Hi guys. CAN i buy something from www. Probably not. The ones in North America are set to region 1. They can be set to any region up to I think 5 times and then they will lock in the last region used.

I could really use some help for figuring out a tax basis. I received some Associated Dry Goods stock as a childhood gift. Because I received a payout for fractional shares as a result of the merger, I now need some information to use as the basis for figuring out my capital gains. I can't tell you how much I would appreciate it if you could e-mail me this information at Darjimbea aol.

Thanks so much! Darjimbea aol. We are trying to learn more about our brother who was in the First Marines during WWII - he rec'd two purple hearts - was blown off a cliff in Bouganvillea. The family is wanting more information on our brother he is deceased Whom can we contact in the Military or public information center?

Why is it virtually all Urban on just the west coast of Taiwan? Why are the inlands and eastern coasts almost all rural? I just saw the film, it's great, is there a website with the spells? I looked up the craft on Wike, but it only had the imdb thing as an external link, can anyone help? How many people died in the United States from car accidents in ? And at what age on average? The article on Bliss - the default wallpaper that Windows XP comes with, claims that its taken from a photograph taken in in the Napa Valley region.

But looks like this may not be true and there are counter-arguments at Talk:Bliss image. I searched at the Microsoft site and websites related to Napa Valley, but there is no mention of the fact that the photo is from the valley. Any clues as to the correct source? Jay , 12 February UTC. Go to 33 pol. There should be two pictures. The one on the right I can see fine but the one on the left is saying blocked ads. When I follow the link I also see "blocked ads".

If I click on the link on the image page it opens in a blank page and if I try to save it a window opens and closes too fast to see what happened and nothing is save. The picture on the right is fine and I can, if I wanted to, save it. Any ideas why ones ok and the other is not. How does high altitude ft. Where would i find the rcruitment list of HMS Ganges?

Years Hms Ganges Assoc. Was it done in various towns, cities throughout UK? Regards, Owen. I know there was a Chuck e Cheese location in Burlington Ontario Canada at or around the year of I have looked on there official website but can come up with no answers. Can you please give me the address where is was located? The Beast in the Jungle is the title of a novella by Henry James and is probably the source of your show. I don't recognize the other plot. I had a VW Rabbit with the same problem.

It had an analog clock which stopped when the car was turned off. Apparently the battery voltage alone was insufficient to power the clock. At first I looked at the site with mild amusement. Apparently, its a site seeking to make people aware that the world is coming to an end, and offering various proofs to back its case up. The page on the Bible Code has no information on various codes that proponents claim to hold water. In fact, the Exodus site has a number of codes that they claim were found in advance of events that they describe.

I tried to get some information from the Bible Code page on Wikipedia, but it really didn't answer my question about how valid could these claims possibly be? Are they worth getting worked up over? Or is it likely that these same people found codes that actually werent valid, and silently removed them from the site? JPG with 4 Elephants and a Tortoise supporting a flat earth is a parody of something i've seen before, but for the life of me i cannot remember what.

This is starting to annoy me, does anyone have idea what it is? Does anyone know what the large paired valleys and peaks in this Alexa rank graph might represent? The valleys correspond to a drop in page views for Microsoft but not Wikipedia , while the peaks correspond to an increase in page views for both. I noticed some video effects I hadn't seen before: somehow or another, the line of scrimmage is displayed in some camera views, as if it's painted on the field. Fox has a different effect that they display between plays, and it looks like the players can run over it.

Is it some sort of green screen thing? Or what? Aesthetically, they are quite unpleasant; instead of the skiers zipping down the beautiful white snow, someone's spraypainted ugliness on it. Also, on the ski run, there are sometimes lines crossing the course. What are these about? It means "try to distribute risks evenly". For example, the employees of Enron , who had their incomes, assets in the form of Enron stock , and retirement funds all controlled by Enron, found out how bad it can be when you don't distribute risks evenly. Had they had their assets in some other form and had their own retirement accounts IRA 's, k 's, etc.

Interestingly, there are times when it isn't advantageous to distribute risks evenly. In the literal example, putting all your eggs in one basket makes perfect sense if you need all of them for a recipe. In that case, breaking one is just as bad as breaking them all. However, if you only need one egg for the recipe, and are really clumsy, it might make sense to transport them one at a time, until you manage to deliever one unbroken.

Chris-- Thank you J. Hi, I started a business or created a corporation on California last March but unfortunately I wasn't able to get the funding and the business has never been running and it is non-operative. I was hoping maybe someone might be able to help me I called IRS about this month's ago and they only told me that I just needed to send a letter telling them that the business is non-operating. Do I need to include this on my tax forms, where would I send the letter, do I include it with my other forms? I would appreciate any help. It would be understandable for an alien civilization to have a world capital, in other words, a capital of their planet.

Therefore say an exploratory ship enters our solar system and finds sentient life on one of the planets. That would be us, on Earth. They download the total sum of human knowledge by scanning our planet, and searches through all of our languages. They see that a bell is "the ship's soul" in our culture. I learned that a ship's bell is the soul of ships when we went over a unit about the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald in school several years ago. Therefore, they deduce that the "soul of our planet" must be on Earth somewhere.

Then they find a city named " Seoul ", which sounds so similar to "Soul" that they think, "All right. We found it. We could assume that they regard their world capital as "the soul of their planet". I guess to go out on a limb in terms of typing this , they even decide to try and make contact with the planet's leader. So, could aliens mistakenly believe that Seoul is the soul and capital of Earth?

I've been curious about this for a while now and the thought of this possibility keeps coming back. Aliens coming is definitly possible. People give aliens the ability to find our planet but do not consider how much about our infrastructure.

دانلود کتاب سریال Moritz Ruhl Uniform Series 1896-1914 vol.I (Uniformology CD-2004-24)

Now back to your question, could the Aliens find the capital? Well 1 if they were given all human knowledge like you say, "through scanning", then of course they would know how our country is divided. Seoul is a very large city, but UN meetings and things like that could lead one to believe that maybe the is the head of the world, which as anyone on this planet knows is quite the opposite. That could be many places depending on your school of thought. Africa, Egypt, Jerusalem The important question is not if they would make the mistake of going to Seoul, it's what the Aliens are doing in the first place.

Are they going to go War of the Worlds on us and drain our blood onto the streets in the form of vegetation. Or will they do a K-Pax Kevin Spacey thing and just visit for "the produce". I think that it's time for your nap now. This list may be of some use to you. It's possible that they wouldn't have a concept of a "capital". It might be that their government is centered wherever the ruler happens to be, or that they are governed by some kind of general consensus of the population.

Or something else too alien for us to think of. Maybe this planet is another planet's hell? Sub-question back to you, Shultz.

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How do you think they would tell who the leader of the 'capital of the world' was? I always thought the'd pick the person with the most piercings Are Joe Scarborough and Chuck Scarborough related? They share the same name and have ties to the Republican Party - Chuck donated money to Republican candidates while Joe was a congressman from Florida. Also, it is possible that Chuck Scarborough is old enough to be Joe's father - Chuck, born , Joe, born Related or coincidence? Several people and maybe it was in a Burroughs text, too , when mentioning the Master Musicians, often bring up the little boy, sewn up in goat skins, representing the goat god Bou Jeloud.

Allegedly, he engages in sex acts with the some of the festivals participants. Am I getting it confused with some other pedophilic festival? How do high grade truffles taste like? How do they compare with mushrooms? One problem with computing this sort of statistic is defining what you mean by a "crash". Is it a crash if you bump into the next car while crawling along at less than 1 mph and there's no damage?

Or if it's 4 mph and the only damage is a tiny dent? Or a big dent, or a broken window, or a bashed-in door? Where's the cutoff? You might say the cutoff is whatever the law says about having to report the accident to the police, but that won't be the same everywhere either, not from one country to another or from one US state to another. And for that matter, do you really want only "car" crashes and if so, is an SUV a sort of car? Okay, the European press release Akamas cites doesn't say exactly what it counts as a "crash", and it switches between talking about "road traffic crashes" and "car crashes" too.

It tabulates all motor-vehicle crashes reported to the police in the US in the stats for aren't available yet , and it says "Fatal - 38,; Injury - 1,,; Property Damage Only - 4,,; Total - 6,, So if that's the statistic you want and if not, perhaps you can find the one you want somewhere in that fat report , then it'd be about 10 times Akamad's estimate presumably the difference is mostly for the sort of reasons I outlined, i. There is a subscription database called NoveList that attempts to link books to readers after readers have put in their favorite author or some favorite books and subjects.

Depending on where you live, NoveList might be available to you from home if you have a valid library card. For example, New Yorkers can access NoveList remotely with their library cards. Check with your local library. It too might have a subscription to the database that it can pass on to you. I would appreciate it if anyone could kindly enlighten me on what is Kotomae in the field of Business Management Culture. Mike -- That's a US thing and posting that here is cultural imperialism.

No, don't tell me, I don't want to know. Posting this question suggests I care! What is the Donald Duck comics series called where Donald and Fethry are working for a secret government institution whose job is to fight malevolent extraterrestrial aliens? The characters in the institution include a large, brown-skinned pig as the leader, a tough, hot-tempered female agent and some kind of blue alien with a snout.

I am having a hard time finding information about a method for establishing boundries between self, relationships, friends, aquantances, and strangers. The method I want to use is called circles or boundaries. It is designed like a dart board with five different colored rings. Is their an article or other source that I can find it in?

I really need this for a class project about abuse prevention. My grandpa used to say, anytime someone would say "what do you want How much does a twenty dollar bill weigh? Thank you very much for any help. And money laundering makes the bills really soggy. Best wishes to the groom and his bride to be, The Edge sorry Bono isn't here but i'm sure the rest of the lads hope the big day goes well. To put this in a layperson's terms: The official exchange rate of the Comoros franc is It will remain at If Comoros were to float its currency, it could go up to per euro or down to 49, per euro or whatever.

Nice explinations. But not the simplest. Simplist explantion. I am trying to find out what river this. All that comes up in Google search is the poem that I am researching. Any ideas what the current name is or is just too small of a river to noted anywhere on the internet? I am wanting to write a number of regular expressions that contain the characters and. How can I quote them so that they are taken literally? How to tell a McTwist from alley oop? Snowboarders, all forms, can write definitions for the snowboard entry.

I have no idea where to begin this, but am curious after watching the Olympics. I heard this story at a university students' party from a woman. She said she had told it to her female friends and they considered it offensive. I, and every other male student present, had a "yes, and? None of us were the least offended. The female students present did not comment but I don't think they were offended either. What is your opinion about this?

I heard of a then year-old Spaniard who had 56 now probably more, or probably his head exploded due to knowledge overload ;D and his IQ was measured at an astounding level; it is quite impressive, so I wondered who had the 'Guiness record', googled for a while but didn't find anything useful.

How could anyone earn 56 degrees by 22? Didn't they require the guy to submit a thesis for, at least, some degrees? Didn't he need to take some time-consuming classes, such as spending hours in a lab that one simply cannot do anything else? Can a student go to two schools at the same time?

The article is a bit confusing, and I don't know many military terms like "stay-behind organization" or "black ops forces". See, I don't know, maybe Operation Gladio? I will soon be competing in a contest in which an egg probably "size large" will be dropped from about 7 meters onto a hard floor. I'm to make something to prevent the egg from breaking when it hits the floor to be connected somehow to the egg, not placed on the floor before it's dropped. Flea , 15 February UTC. Any ideas on what to use for exoskeleton material? The best way to think about this is from several different physics perspectives; you must either: decrease the effect of gravity's acceleration on the egg through a parachute, parasail, etc , decrease the effect of the kinetic energy imparted by the sudden deceleration of the egg by "springy" items like springs, foam rubber, rubber bands, bubble wrap which can absorb energy or else conduct the force of the impact to the egg's surface in a distributed manner possibly through some form of truss , or miniature geodesic dome.

I'm shooting from the hip here because I can't remember what happened when I last did or saw this sort of contest over 20 years ago but I think that the last might be most effective; if the egg could be suitably attached in multiple places to the crossmembers of a proper geodesic dome -sphere, much of the force would be absorbed by flexion of the "sphere" and the remainder distributed to the attachment points.

A tetrahedron truss would be a far simpler case of the same effect, though with drawbacks. Blends of all 3 approaches wouldn't hurt. This is all, of course, dependent on the materials you are allowed to use. I suspect that, by a tremendous margin, the biggest concern is keeping the egg from contacting anything hard e.

Second is distributing the force over the surface of the egg, and then as long as that's done I doubt the actual amount of [de]acceleration will matter. Eggs are actually pretty strong, but brittle try manually crushing one. So I worry about suspending the egg with bands, because unless they're extremely taut, I picture the egg continuing on happily once the rest of the structure's stopped and dashing itself against the ground and then springing back to the center of the structure.

So with these in mind my only specific idea is what me et al. So it's equally safe from all sides, and when it hits nothing's going into the egg directly, force goes into the tape surrounding it. Getting the tape off is a hassle, I assume that's okay. Party balloons also work wonders again, subject to any restrictions you may be under as to what you are allowed to use. Ideally, four of them in a tetrahedral configuration, held together by string or better, tape , with the egg in the middle so it doesn't fall out.

The baloons weigh next to nothing, provide a huge surface which will increase drag enormously, slowing down the egg's fall , plus a huge air cushion to take the blow on impact. Of course, this is assuming that you're dropping the egg onto a non-spikey surface, so for those egg-drop experiments onto foot-long razor-sharp spikes, you may need to think of a different solution. Amjad Z. Star Wars. Sowieckie samochody pancerne vol. III by M. Auflage by Timm Gudehus Niubi! Eine Geschichte und Geschichten.

Episode I. Auflage by Walter Thiel Professionalisierung der wissenschaftlichen Politikberatung? Chapters 24 and 35 are absent by John S. Collected Papers. Straight Science? Jones, No. Who's Afraid of China? Internal Organs by Leonhardt H. Solutions to exercises by M. Steuerung und regelung von Kernreaktoren und Krenkraftwerken by Schultz M. Hay Liquid state physics -- a statistical mechanical introduction by Croxton C. Rist Mr. Schafer D. Physics II [Nonlin.

Berthelot Canonical theories of Lagrangian dynamical systems in physics by Kastrup H. Shilov From Eudoxus to Einstein: a history of mathematical astronomy by C. Linton Specimen ineditae versionis arabico-samaritanae Pentateuchi by A.

The Turkish Army of 1812 from the Book by Thomas McLean Published in 1815 (Uniformology CD-2004-21)

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