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Let us jump forward a few years.

September 11, The CIA once again conspired with right-wing elements and overthrew the duly elected government of Chile. Thousands were murdered and Henry Kissinger dismissed this aggression by simply noting that the US should not be constrained by the mistake of the Chilean people in voting for a Marxist.

Of course, during this entire time, the Indochina War was underway in which 3 million Vietnamese lost their lives and I have no idea how many Laotians and Cambodians perished. The problem we have to address is that masses of people in the USA were silent during these events. We took a pass. These events were not considered to be of critical domestic importance in many cases, until and unless it directly affected us, e.

The difficulty is that other eyes have been watching and watching very carefully. As you may remember, when the Sandinistas won their long struggle against the Somoza dictatorship, the newly elected Reagan Administration decided to carry out a policy of destabilization because of its opposition to the policies of the new government.

Terror and Faith: 9/11 Terror Attack (2/2)

By arming the notorious former Nicaraguan National Guard forces—known as the Contras—the US encouraged acts of violence…acts of terror against military and civilian targets in that country. Farms, power stations, water treatment plants…were all considered open targets. Keep in mind that such assaults are currently called terrorism when conducted by other people. That seems to me to be an act of war.

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What did the Nicaraguan government do? Did they retaliate militarily against the USA? No, they did what they were supposed to do.

The Impact Of 9 11 On Politics And War The Day That Changed Everything

They went to the World Court. They not only went to the World Court but they won at the World Court. What was the response of the US government??? They ignored the decision. So, we have a problem.

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The USA wants it both ways. Do what the US government says or you get blasted. Follow international law only if it benefits US policy. The people of the world have been watching this carefully. Things that they could not have conceived of moving on September 10th have been moved with swiftness.

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The USA Patriot Act, which opens up a wide spectrum for surveillance and repression, was passed, and any critic was dismissed as being soft on terrorism, or otherwise irresponsible. In fact, it feels more and more like we live in a cross between the beginning of World War I and living in the midst of the McCarthy era.

Or consider the growth in the military budget? Or, more ominously, the open discussion about the use of tactical nuclear weapons in a way that has not existed for decades. The political Right has been and continues to play on our fears and insecurities as a way of eroding our rights and advancing their political AND economic agenda.

15 years after 9/11, this is how the US has changed | World Economic Forum

So, if all this has changed, what has not? The attacks made the economy contract 1. Growth returned to 1. Although the recession ended in November , the threats of war drove the Dow down for another year. It hit bottom on October 9, , when it closed at 7, That was a That was the peak for that recession. On March 21, , President Bush sent troops into Iraq.

He said the Central Intelligence Agency had found weapons of mass destruction.

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He added that Iraq's leader, Saddam Hussein, was aiding al-Qaeda operatives. The costs for both wars kept mounting. But it's much better than the actual percent level. Fewer jobs were created, which meant less tax revenue and a further increase in debt. That also meant less funding for infrastructure repair and replacement. In , Congress again refused to raise the debt ceiling or fund the government. That kept economic growth lackluster.

Democrats and Republicans accuse each other of increasing the debt when they are out of power.

9/11 and the terrorism industry

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